Often when we’re fitting a golfer and they hit a new #7 Iron, and after us analyzing
the performance of their current 5 year old #7 Iron, we get that “wow” moment.

You’ve turned my #7 Iron into a #6
Iron with an #8 Iron window

The face technology in the PING G400 Irons, for instance, hasn’t just
changed the profile of the perfect shot, it’s dramatically improved the
performance of off-centre ball strikes.

Cor-Eye technology that uses a stronger steel to allow a thinner,
more responsive face. A genuine, legal trampoline.

Remember the Stats
Great innovation from PING designed to improve your Iron ball striking.
When thinking about the impact this technology can make; remember the fitting:

Matching the technology that will help your swing the most, with the right shaft length, lie angle,
and shaft flex, will do far more for your golf game than you could imagine.
Hitting great Iron shots is a beautiful experience.