Find the quickest way to more fun and enjoyment

We'll provide you with the quick
and easy steps to better golf

"With any golfer, no matter how experienced and skilled, or inexperienced
and less able, there are always simple adjustments that will
add consistency to their golf game. Whatever your level,
investing 30 - 45 minutes with us to discover how to hit more
better shots than usual will make your golf game so much more enjoyable."

We want to spend 30 – 45 minutes with you and your golf swing.
We know that if we can find simple ways for you to hit the ball 
longer and straighter; or to pitch and chip it closer more often; or
to experience the sound of the ball dropping into the hole more
frequently; then you’ll have more fun and play golf more often. 

We’ll provide you with more than a simple assessment.

We’ll provide you with some advice and guidance on how to take
big steps with the minimum of effort.

We have space for 5 Assessments each week.

Each of our golfers gets 1 FREE assessment each year.