We're here to help you tee off with confidence

Let’s take shots off your scorecard and increase the number of holes that create happy memories.

This lands in the fairway, then you’re happy. This comes out of the sweet spot and launches ...
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Build more distance and consistency straight off the tee

Yes, the statistics on the major tours now tell us that those with the longest tee shots are making a great living, but you’re not trying to make a living from the game. Most of you are looking for a ... See more

Take the guesswork out of your putting

How good are you from a distance?

Knowing you can comfortably handle long putts takes the pressure off needing to land your ball close to the flag on approach. When you’re able to ...
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Consistency and control is the name of the game

If you’re looking to hit lower scores, you know that you have to work on your control around the green. It isn’t a once-off improvement. It's regular work on your short-game feel.

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Let's work on your short game

We are open for lessons on the range and short game area again but still not on the course or in the studio currently.

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Share your golf journey with friends

Golf is meant to be a journey shared. In fact, well over 50% of golfers say that “fun with friends” is MUCH more important than being super competitive. Golf is a ‘human’ pastime. This year ... See more

Walk off the green with a greater feeling of satisfaction

There’s a real power to standing within 50 yards of the flag and knowing you’re in control. And it's intimidating for anyone you’re playing against. More importantly you walk off more greens with a ... See more

Find more distance and forgiveness with the Titleist T100s Irons

This year the better players can go wild with everything. They can have forgiveness and extra distance on iron approach shots, without compromising look, feel, workability or control.

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Fall in love with your game again

Everyone wants to use a #7 iron instead of a #6 iron if they can. And who wouldn’t want a face that provided a more consistent ball speed from a larger area. Let’s add a fitting for the right shaft, ... See more

Take advantage of the latest putting technology

Read more here: https://bit.ly/2SMmzu9

Start your kids on a journey for life

Read more here: https://bit.ly/2L7mD3C

Invest in your golf journey

Dropping putts is a great feeling, especially when your playing partner wasn’t expecting it. But what if you were expecting it, time after time?

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Feel great hitting the target every time

To make square contact with the ball, you must have the sole square to the turf at impact. Simple equation, with a simple process that so many ignore.

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Hit the sweet spot more often

The last few years have seen big jumps in more than ball speed protection. Once we’ve matched your swing DNA to the right launch DNA, there is a face working to protect everything, so you’re greater ... See more

Do you want 40 yards of better feelings?

Don’t you just love ripping the ball out of the sweet spot off the tee? Watch it fly. What if I told you that science is helping some golfers add up to 40 yards to the end result? That’s an even ... See more

Are you getting the most out of your clubs?

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2TIwSiL

Step up to the tee with confidence

Join our Titleist Demo Day, Saturday, 29 Feb, testing out the entire new range. Read more by clicking the link:

Up your game this festive season

Play the best golf balls without breaking the bank
More precision. More consistency. More speed.

Whether you are looking for more distance in your long game or lower scores in your short ...
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Give the gift of better golf this season

Purchase the St Andrews Lesson Package, before 24th December 2019, and get an extra 2 lessons for free. If you would like to treat the golfer in your life, and purchase this package as a gift, we can ... See more

Take advantage of Super September at Wyboston Golf Studio!

20% off all Lynx Golf products!

Read our newsletter here: http://bit.ly/2kdwGdK

Your chance to improve your game and have fun while you're at it! 22 July

We are putting the fun back into the beautiful game!

We are hosting a Lynx demo day between 13.00 - 17.00 on Monday 22nd July. Come and try the latest and greatest that they have to ...
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We are putting the fun back into the beautiful game! | 22 July

We are hosting a Lynx demo day between 13.00 - 17.00 on Monday 22nd July. Come and try the latest and greatest that they have to offer!

Read our newsletter here: See more

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little forgiveness in your game?

The lower your handicap, the less space you have for error. So wouldn’t it be nice to have a little forgiveness built into your game? But, first we know you don’t want to compromise on some key ... See more

What would cause you to smile more often on the golf course?

The ball doesn’t move, which is convenient. No-one’s about to tackle you. So it’s safe.
We just need to improve one, some, or all of the following parts, and your playing experience changes more ...
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Don't settle for good enough

Great advice for when you’re on the golf course in competition. But for most golfers, the implication of that is “most longer clubs stay in the bag forever”. Most golfers struggle with consistency ... See more

Give us 3 minutes to make a difference

We’d like you to give us 3 minutes of your time to complete a survey that will allow us to provide you with a better and more personal service. With your individual responses, we get a much better ... See more

Your loyalty, rewarded.

Visit us in store to test out these new Titleist ball models to see which ball best suits your game and take advantage of this great offer! Contact us to reserve your new golf balls.

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Unlock your inner potential | 4 April

The experts from Lynx Golf are coming to Wyboston Golf Studio on Thursday the 4th of April to host a Lynx Golf Fitting Day to get you fitted with the best equipment for your swing.

Find out ...
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It's time to check under the hood

Let’s bust some myths and misunderstandings
You may have read or heard some say that “the shaft is the engine of the golf club”.

That metaphor isn’t right. If there’s an engine, then ...
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Play together. Practise together.

Life needs more than work. Experts now believe that loneliness reduces your life span, mental agility, earning power, and ability to hit #7 irons closer.

Read more in our newsletter for this ...
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A reason to stay connected

Fraction of an inch and a matter of degrees

If you want to be a better putter; to become deadly within 12 feet; then become a fanatic about your setup and posture at address.

Find ...
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Talent is overrated

Last week, we introduced you to Geoff Colvin. He has a theory about “Deliberate Practice”. This isn’t about beating balls until your hands bleed. It’s about making the most of any time you ... See more

Knock 5 shots off your scorecard

The jury is out on this one. The evidence shows that, if one is more important than the other, then it’s marginal. We think this myth has come about as the industry tries to educate golfers that ... See more

How much potential can we unlock for you?

Generating longer distance from the tee with a perfect strike is made a lot easier if you’re
playing with two components fitted for your tee shot.

Read more in this week's newsletter: See more

Here's how you can increase your clubhead speed

There’s no getting away from the fact that speed matters. But the great news is that the smallest increase, translates into lots of distance. And the even better news is that the smallest changes can ... See more

Speed is not necessarily your friend.

Hitting into the wind? Speed is not necessarily your friend. Speed creates spin, and spin creates lift. So don’t fight the wind with power. The saying is actually “when it’s breezy, swing easy”. Here ... See more

Is there a particular format you enjoy most?

This week we examine formats. We sense that this is an area of the game where golfers of different ages, and those with different handicaps, might have different views.

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The perfect gift for that special golfer in your life...

If we could, believe me we would fill the bottom of your Christmas tree this year with gifts that would help you get even more from your time playing golf.

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Join us on a 3-week journey to better understanding

We’re very interested in gaining a better understanding of what’s important to you.
Over the next three weeks, we’d like you to answer a simple question each week.

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What if improving your golf improved your social experience?

During the first three weeks, we have discussed the importance of the correct loft at impact and how crucial it is to fit a putter to match your technique.

Read more in this week's ...
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Give the gift of golf this Christmas

To read our latest newsletter, please click here:

Roll your ball like a Tour Pro

Combine the correct putter loft with your angle of attack into the ball and you will notice immediate improvements on the greens. It is crucial to have loft at impact to lift the ball out of the ... See more

Stop guessing. Start knowing.

Making more putts, reducing three-putts, has a direct impact on your scorecard.
Find a putter that best suits your technique and the conditions of the courses you play.

Read more here: ...
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Choose the 1 in 1000

If I told you that the impact on accuracy is far greater on a shorter iron than a longer iron,
would that make you take more notice of your lie angles?

Read more in this week's ...
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This applies to all golfers

Golf is a simple game actually. The swing is a circle. It returns a relatively large clubhead
to a ball that hasn’t moved. And when you hit the sweet spot, it’s a great feeling.

Read ...
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Your best just got better!

They say that “it only takes one great shot to bring you back again.” Next time you’re out we want you to hit more great shots than usual. Then we want you to hit even more the next time.
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You're not buying a new driver, you're buying better tee shot performance

No improved performance? No purchase. That’s the beauty of a driver fitting.
You’re not buying a new driver, you’re trying to buy a better tee shot performance.

Read more in our ...
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Unlock your potential to thrill

There’s a Driver DNA – ball speed, launch angle, & spin rate. We need to match those when fitting you for a Driver. How close is your Driver to your Launch DNA now? Do you have 20 yards or more of ... See more

Come and try the best possible | 15-16 September

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Little adjustments, BIG results. Here's how!

If a fitted iron increased the number of solid, accurate approach shots you, would you want a fitted iron set?

Read more in this week's newsletter: See more

We adjust our car seats. Why not our golf clubs?

You could drive a car with the seat in the incorrect position. But you wouldn’t. You adjust the seat to fit your specification. Even an inexperienced driver makes this change. Driving is easier. It's ... See more

Build a scoring set that will improve your greenside shots

In this week's newsletter you can find out how you can build a scoring set that will help you hit better greenside shots:

Read it here:

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Versatility saves you shots

Manufacturers have introduced two main ‘grinds’ to make greenside shots easier. Read more in this week's newsletter:

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The secret of how to get it closer

Are you someone that LACKS CONFIDENCE when faced with tricky greenside shots? Maybe your equipment is working against you.

This week we let you in on the secret of how you can get it closer ...
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Take the Greenside Spin Challenge

There are really quick ways we can improve your short game control and this week we look at what you can do in under 5 minutes.

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Is Phil right or wrong?

This week we look at one of the most controversial talking points of this year's US Open. And we would like to know what you think! Let us know if you think Mickelson was right or not.

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Break 85 every time!

If you’re part of a group of friends shooting scores in the high 80’s or early 90’s, then you’re all on the edge of a big improvement to your on-course experience.

To be shooting those ...
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Fancy some extra clubhead speed? We can help!

This week we tell you more about how we can generate more clubhead speed for you. There are also three things we would always check in an assessment. Find out more in this week's ... See more

Remove the big numbers from your scorecard

If you’re a golfer shooting in the high 80’s and 90’s, there’s a good chance that your consistency
in the 170 yard+ range needs improving. An improvement on longer Par-3’s, longer approach shots, ...
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New Under Armour Gear in store!

C'mon, isn't it time you spoiled yourself? You deserve it.

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Faster, further, smarter and now cheaper!

We're massive fans of the Titleist 917 Driver Range. You'll be an even bigger fan of the price they're now going for at the Pro Shop. We've slashed the old price by a full £100 making the new one ... See more

Playing it safe on the course: Birdie or bust?

Should you play it safe on the course? Find out in this week's newsletter:

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Here are two numbers that really ought to interest you

We’re putting a lot of effort into helping our golfers improve their experience out on the golf course this year.

So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your Irons to take advantage of the ...
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Tell us about your fitting experience, you'll be better off for it

Over the last 3 weeks we've been running a survey to find out more about our golfers' fitting experiences.

Don't miss your last chance to take part! Read our newsletter this week:
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The best way to introduce your child to golf

Some children can go on to be elite golfers. Some children may develop a competitive instinct.
Some children may get real social and personal value out of participating with ...
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The ABC's of your kid's golf journey

As a team, we can make sure your child develops a healthy relationship with the game.
From there, the pathway can take so many different directions with all sorts of different levels
of ...
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We have a question for you this week

We are running a survey this week which will help us understand our golfers a little more.

Find out more in this week's newsletter:
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In the 80's in 2018

We’re challenging all golfers who shoot in the 90’s or even above, to start a journey to better golf.
To target a score in the 80’s every time. Last week we kicked off a month of ...
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PING and your performance: A great partnership

When any golfer comes to look at new equipment, we know that what they’d really like to buy is a better golf game.

We work with PING because they understand that. They’re actually leaders in ...
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Opportunity for part-time employment

An opportunity has arisen to join our dynamic team on a part time basis at Wyboston Golf Studio. The position will include weekends along with some early starts or late finishes. This is a position ... See more

Ending the sacrifice is easier than you think

How many Pro V’s, or other golf balls, are sacrificed to the water, trees, deep rough, out-of-bounds, indeed anything on the right for right-handers. What are golfers, bedeviled by a slice or high ... See more

Don't neglect your P & P

Your pitching and putting can have a significant impact on your scorecard:

Find out more here:
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We’d like your thoughts on your short-game

We have 5 simple questions for you this week. Nothing complicated, technical, or personal. But it will help us with some research.

View this week's newsletter here:
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Just how much lift is too much?

Lift will play a significant part in getting your next flight off the ground. Back spin generates lift for your golf ball, but how much is too much for you?

Find out in this week's ...
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Cold weather? No problem!

As we are in the heart of the winter months we understand that it gets increasingly hard to motivate yourself to stand on the Driving Range and hit balls when you are freezing!!!

We have ...
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Thank you for being part of our golfing community!

We’d like to end the year with the biggest thank you. Thank you to everyone who’s made golf part of their life. Thank you to everyone who’s invested in improvement. Thank-you to everyone who helped ... See more

The biggest dopamine hit in golf

Golf's biggest dopamine hit, the most important relationship in the game and more in this week's newsletter:

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The #1 reason to seek more consistency

Why should consistency in your game be important to you?

Find out in this week's newsletter:

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Flushing your fairway woods now and forever

Your should be buying more than technology when you buy a new Fairway Wood. You should be buying a fit to your swing; technology that matches your needs; and the perfect selection to create the ... See more

Every one of you can have this golf swing

A swing with athletic posture; an effective upper body turn; balance and weight movement; and a good swing path is within your reach. Find out how to get it in our newsletter this week: See more

Put the magic back into the holidays with some great golf

We have a great special on lesson vouchers running at the moment. We also have the Gift of the Century for you this week, as well as another tip to help you get more out of your fairway ... See more

Hitting better fairway woods | Tip #1

Being able to use a Fairway Wood well offers you so many opportunities.

Find out more in our newsletter: See more

718 and 818; more than just numbers from Titleist

We give you a sneak peak at the latest irons from Titleist and we let you in on the secret of how you can instantly improve your game.

Read our newsletter here: See more

Where does your inconsistency start?

With mid and longer Irons, each of you will find a point in your set where your consistency really starts to break down. Where is that point for you?

We also look at how you can get your ...
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The best deal in golf is a fitting

Find out why great social experiences are important for wellbeing and why the best deal in golf is a fitting:

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Are you making the right decisions on the course?

Are you making the right decisions on the course?

Why is playing golf a great way to invest in your health?

Learn more in our newsletter for the week: See more

Shorten your round, have more fun

Some people struggle to carve out the time for golf. Some stop playing the game altogether. It doesn’t have to be that way. Find out why.

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Try the latest irons. The results are startling

Dave's back on the range and we tell you more about how the latest irons are changing the game: See more

Our promise to you this week is easier golf

How did an inch become a mile? How can you get someone back into the game?

Find out in our newsletter this week: See more

This is the gamechanger you've been waiting for!

A better game within your grasp - Literally!

We're putting the FUN back in your golfing fundamentals this week. We also show you how simply changing your grips can be the best way to kickstart your improvement journey.

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Do you have the right shaft for your swing?

This week's mailer is all about finding the right shaft for your swing and how you can bring a golfer back into the game:

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Swing speed: It's all about the rhythm

This week we take a look at why swing tempo is just as important swing speed and how you can help someone fall in love with golf again:
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Taking the course to the range

This week we take the course to the range and we also give you some tips on how to add yards to your iron shots.

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Open Week Newsletter:

I am running 2 offers for The Open this week. One is for anyone who purchases a pair of Under Armor Tips shoes. There is a free performance shirt with each pair sold, and the other is a lesson offer, ... See more

Fill your walk to the green with satisfaction

We'd all rather be hitting an 8 iron to a green than a 5 iron right?

In this week's newsletter we take a look at how we can make this a reality for you. Eliminate the frustration and fill it ...
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Get fitted for better golf
Every golfer should play with the Irons that fit them. We can't hammer home the idea enough that every golfer should come and see us for an assessment and or fitting.

We're interested in you and your wedges

This week the Professional team have a few questions for you around your wedges. You could be in line for one of our mystery prizes if you wouldn't mind sparing 2 minutes of your time. ...
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Your wedge allows you to do wonderful things, if you've been fitted for it.

The width of the sole on your wedge, and the grind on the sole, can make it easier or harder to play different short shots.

This week the team takes a look at what it could mean to be fitted ...
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Can you answer these questions?

A couple of questions for you in this week's newsletter and we take a look at why you should play more 40 - YARD GOLF.

Do you have a club that allows you to land 40-yard pitch shots ...
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Your scoring clubs are critical to the number of shots you finally register.

This week the professional team take a look at the importance of the state of your scoring clubs when pitching from 40 yards and in. We also ask you whether or not your short-game actually has any ... See more

You and your putter. The only affair you should be having.

Check this out to hear what your Golf Professional Team think about the relationship between you and your putter. Also why your kids should be playing more golf!

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Great Titleist Ball offer and Junior group lessons to start soon

Titleist have a fantastic offer on Pro V1 golf balls, if you order 3 dozen you receive 1 dozen free, all the balls will be personalised for you in black or red ink free of charge and you can even ... See more

New Golf Shoes

We have just received our new shoes for 2017 from Footjoy, Adidas and Under Armour. We have a great choice in styles, colours, sole options, sizes and price points. As the new shoes have arrived ... See more

Bushnell Watch Offer

We have just reduced the price of our Bushnell distance measuring watches, we can only offer this price on the limited stock we have.

PING Fitting Day

We are hosting a PING fitting day from 15.00 to 19.00 on Wednesday March 15th. This is a great opportunity to try the new I200 irons along with any other club in the PING range. This is an ... See more

Cleveland Wedges

We have just taken delivery of RTX-3 Cleveland wedges and have a great deal if you purchase 2 of them. We can gap test free of charge to ensure we get the correct lofts to match your exsisting irons.

New Ping I200 irons available for free Fitting

We now have the new Ping I200 irons at only £112 per club, (£784 for 7 irons). This is the best value price around currently. Contact us to book your free of charge fitting.

New Pro V1 2017 Golf Balls in stock now

We have just taken delivery of the new Pro V1 golf ball for 2017 and still have a few boxes of last years ball in our sale.

Pro V1 Ball Sale

We have reduced the price of our Pro V1 golf balls to just £37.00 per dozen or you can make a great saving by purchasing 2 dozen for just £65.00.

Give the gift of better golf this festive season!

The best holiday gifts you can wish for? I’m biased. An extra 30 metres off the tee; mid-irons you hit consistently straighter; a wedge that delivers one hop-and-stop; and a putter that’s more magic ... See more

The festive season is here!

Few things are better than the gift of better golf for Xmas. Come on down to the Wyboston Golf Studio and get that perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

These are our best prices of 2016 ...
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Gift Ideas

We have some great gift ideas for Christmas along with some offers. Watch our you tube clip to find out more.
See more

Get your game ready for the festive season or buy a great gift.

The gift of better golf is always a great one to give or receive at this time of the year. What could be better than a longer and straighter tee shot? or less 3 putts?

We will be running a ...
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Titleist 917 Driver

We have the new 917 driver fitting clubs in store. Please click the link below to see Matts video explaing how this club will help your game
See more

New clothing for winter

We have just taken delivery of our winter clothing, we have great options from Under Armour and cutter & Buck to name just a few along with the new Titleist 917 range of Drivers and fairways ... See more

Titlesit 917 Drivers

Titleist 917 fitting drivers are in store now. To book your free fitting please contact the shop on 01480 223004

PING Club fitting day

We are hosting a PING club fitting day between 15.00 and 19.00 on November 10th, this is free of charge and will take place in our indoor studio therefore booking is essential. Please contact the ... See more

We have the the programme suited for your game

We would just like to thank everyone who took part in the Coaching survey over the past 2 weeks.

Thanks to your responses we have managed to design 3 different coaching activities that ...
See more

Where do you stand on coaching?

We have created a short survey with the aim of understanding where you are in your golfing journey and how to best help you along the way in achieving better and more enjoyable golf.

We are ...
See more

Great value junior group sessions

If you know of a junior who wants to have a go at or improve their golf we have a great 4 week course starting soon. For information about the course please click this link See more

Sale Items

We have some great items in our sale including some really low prices on PING irons, Titleist 915 drivers, fairways and hybrids along with some clothing and ex demo clubs.

Bubba Watsons Driver in Stock

We have just taken delivery of a limited edition driver from PING. The G series driver has a pink head and shaft with a portion of the price going to Bubba Watsons charity. As this is a limited ... See more

Bushnell Bank Holiday Offer

To celebrate the Bank Holiday weekend we have reduced the price of all our Bushnell distance measuring devices by 10%. This offer lasts until September 5th and only applies to products in stock.

Great Gear in stock

Just a reminder that we have a great selection of Shoes, clothing, bags and accessories in stock. We also custom fit free of charge for all PING, Titleist and Lynx irons, woods and hybrids not to ... See more

Lynx Demo Day

We have a Lynx Golf demo day on Tuesday August 2nd between 14.00 and 18.00. This is appointment based and is free of charge. There is no obligation to buy, it gives you a chance to try out Lynx golf ... See more

Great selection of golf gear

We have some great items in stock at Wyboston Lakes. We have both Summer and Winter shoes, a dedicated Under Armour wall with trousers, shirts and shorts, not to mention items from Nike, PING, ... See more
68 limited edition balls
To mark the fact that for the 68th year running Titleist will be the number 1 used golf ball at the US Open, they have launched a limited edition Pro V1 ball with the number 68 printed on it. We have ... See more

Great summer clothing

Click the link below to see our great stock of shirts for the summer, we have a good size range in each style.
See more

Amazing Reductions

We have 4 sets of PING irons in our sale, these are the only sets we have at these prices so if you want to pick up a real bargain please dont delay. These irons are off the shelf clubs and therefore ... See more

Last chance to get a dozen Pro V1 balls free of charge

Order 3 dozen Pro V1 balls with free personalisation and receive 1 dozen free. This promotion finishes on April 15th

PING demo day

If you would like to see how some new equipment would benefit your game please register for our PING demo day on April 20th. A representitive from PING will be joining us for the afternoon and he ... See more

Vokey is back with the SM6!

Vokey is back in store with the brand new SM6. Titleist claims that this is their best performing wedge yet! But don't believe us come in and try it for yourself!

SM5 has also now been ...
See more

New Vokey SM6 Wedges arrive

Vokeys new SM6 wedges are now in store, these come custom fitted for loft, bounce and grind free of charge by qualifed professionals. If your after a bargain we have reduced the price of our ... See more

Titleist Pro V1 Ball Offer

Click below to see how to receive 1 dozen Pro V1 balls free of charge and with free personalisation

See more

New UNDER ARMOUR clothing wall

Great new clothing in store now

Ping Launch G Series Equipment

Today is the launch date of Pings new G series equipment. There are new Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids and a new type of club called a Crossover to make the long game easier. There is also a great ... See more
Great Prices on Footjoy and Adidas Shoes in our sale

Sunglasses for golf

We have just taken delivery of some great sunglasses designed to help you see better in all conditions. We have options from Adidas golf and Oakley


We have got some great reductions on Shoes, clothing and clubs.

New Stock

We have just taken delivery of some new golf shoes, we have a great selection of both sizes and colours