You know the shape you’re after,

here’s some help to get you there

Titleist are self-proclaimed adjustment fans, and it’s easy to
see from their latest metalwood range, in particular the
Titleist 917 F2 and F3 Fairway Woods.

The new moveable weight system enables you to neutralise poor
shot shapes, for example an excessive draw can be straightened
out by placing weight closer to the heel of the club.

There’s an 6 yard spectrum of weights to choose from and which weight you use will depend on how you release the club through impact, which shaft you’re using and the angles of your setup. That’s why we’re here. Come speak to us about a custom fitting today.

Loft settings range from 14° to 21°. The lower loft is for those who prefer more of a driving fairway wood while the higher lofts make it easier to get the ball up off the turf.

To get the most out of the Titleist 917 Fairway Woods we need to fit them to your lie angle, shaft length, swing type and playing style.
That’s how we’re really going to help you hit better shots more often and take your game to the next level.
Speak to us about a custom fitting.